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Lead in safety

We take the approach where safety and security should always be engineered and integrated into a PTV and never offered as an aftermarket add-on or sold as an optional upgrade. In contrast to our competitors, all Tomberlin vehicles are equipped with exclusive safety features – from 3-point seatbelts and 4-wheel hydraulic brakes to locking storage and a unique personal key – all to help protect you, your passengers, and your belongings.

Lead in performance

From power and sheer driving pleasure to capability and performance, our advanced electric PTVs are engineered without compromise. Automotive performance features include electric power steering, AC Drive technology with class-leading hill climbing and acceleration up to 25 mph (LSV only), and a range of 40+ miles.

Lead in styling

A spacious interior with premium seats makes the ride as comfortable as the drive. Versatile seating and cargo configurations, along with ample storage and the added options of a street-legal LSV and golf package, allow your vehicle to adapt to suit your specific needs.


What makes us different



Our design teams focus on making our vehicles the most comfortable to operate or ride in.


Extreme range

Our vehicles have all the range you need to get more done with power to spare.


Smart power

With over 60 years of practical experience our power systems are the most intelligent in the industry.


Easy maintenance

Our engineers hate “knuckle-busters,” so they work hard to make our vehicles easy to service and maintain.


Assembled in the usa

All vehicles are assembled in Leesburg, Florida or Reedsburg, Wisconsin by skilled American workers.


Built Strong

We use the strongest materials in our industry to build vehicles that outlast the competition.

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