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The Engage delivers class leading safety features for your family. The exclusive Tomberlin 360 app continuously monitors the location of your vehicle and a unique ignition key with a locking steering column prevents joy rides and theft. A well-lit dash with strategically positioned controls encourages eyes to remain forward and prevent distractions while driving. A high strength steel frame, and upper structure with 3-point seat belts surround you and helps protect your loved ones. High performance high-low beams with daytime running lights, self-canceling turn signals and patented illuminated rocker panels brightly broadcast to those around you. All of these features allow you to see and be seen safely. You can expect more from Tomberlin when it comes to safety.


The Tomberlin 360 telematics system puts you in control of your Engage experience. Active battery monitoring delivers piece of mind by sending notifications of low battery voltage whether you are home or a thousand miles away. Geolocation allows you to know where your Engage is at all times, or set up geofence alerts in case the vehicle is taken out of an approved area. The “Arm” feature will also track if the vehicle moves even if the vehicle is off, reducing the chance of unapproved usage.


Our high performance LED headlights feature high-low beams, daytime running lights, and turn signals. The turn signals are self-canceling, thereby reducing confusion for other drivers.


Travelling after hours can be risky, so we illuminated the left- and right-side rocker panels for increased nighttime visibility.


With our newly designed dash the driver can always keep eyes forward. The digital instrument panel and operational controls are all front and center.


The rearview camera with a 7-inch color display operates like an automobile, by assisting the driver when centering into a parking spot.


A heavy-duty e-coated steel frame and upper structure combined with NHTSA approved 3-point seatbelts secures and protects your occupants.

We improved driver safety and convenience by moving the turn indicator, horn, lights, high-low speed, Forward-Park-Reverse, and wiper control onto dual steering-column levers.


Never again worry about setting the parking brake. Our electric brake automatically locks wheels when stopped, in park, or when the ignition is turned off. And our drilled front disk, rear drum hydraulic brakes give long life performance.


Our new automotive LED taillights with reverse lights are as beautiful as they are functional. Plus, the roof mounted brake light makes the Engage easier to see in traffic.


New automotive style side mirrors with illuminated turn signals further increases your visibility to other drivers. The new mirrors feature a break away design to prevent damage and are easily adjusted to see what’s behind you.

FACT: Unlike common PTV’s, Tomberlin LSV vehicles exceed the strict LSV safety requirements
set forth by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Expect More

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