Expect More

Tomberlin vehicles have a legacy of performance and the ENGAGE continues this tradition. Our high-performance powertrain combined with a sports car like suspension delivers an exhilarating ride. We’ve engineered an industry-first dash with the premium features of an automobile. And we lightened its footprint by including our EVOLVE lithium battery pack, improving both performance and range. Don’t settle on performance, Expect More.


The first power-steering system debuted in an automobile in 1951. And we were the first to offer it as standard equipment on a LSV (golf car) in 2018. By now, shouldn’t all LSVs have it?


No competitor comes close to our AC powertrain. Drawing 450amps while producing 17hp, you’ll notice the difference in superior hill climbing and acceleration when traveling up to 25 mph.

The LX model features steel belted automotive tires with custom 14-in alloy wheels. Smooth riding, long wearing and responsive handling is standard. And steel belted radial tires are an option on Ghosthawk models.


Most brands do not offer the convenience of an onboard charger. We engineered our 1- kilowatt charger into the rear body for faster charging, and a better fit and finish. It goes with you wherever you go and can plug into any standard wall outlet.


With the EVOLVE L210 Ah, 10 kWh lithium battery smart power system, you’ll go farther— up to 80* miles between charges. Moreover, Evolve’s intelligence warns you when remaining power is low, and slows you to “limp home” mode to assure you are never stranded.


Our re-engineered canopy continues the sleek styling lines of the body, while controlling water flow both fore and aft.


The Engage drives like a luxury automobile thanks to its wide stance, optional steel belted radials (shown above} and double A-arm suspension with adjustable coilover- shocks.

Ride confidently with a 5-year limited warranty.

FACT: DC motors are cheaper, wear faster, and are inferior when accelerating and climbing hills.

Expect More

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